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Primary call ON4JZ
Other callsigns used OO4JZ - OQ4JZ - OR4JZ - OS4JZ - OT4JZ and OT5A (contest team Lier M/M) 

Ex callsigns ON1BZJ - ON4AJZ

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 Amplifier    Acom 2000A

   18 element Optibeam OB18-6 on top of a 10 story  apartment building @ 50 meters / 164 feet
                   * 3 element on 40 meters
                   * 4 elements on 20 meters
                   * 4 elements on 17 meters
                   * 4 elements on 15 meters
                   * 4 elements on 12 meters
                   * 7 elements on 10 meters  

   2 element Optibeam OB2-30 on top of a 10 story apartment building @ 53 meters / 174 feet  

   dipole (inverted V) on top of a 10 story apartment building @ 50 meters / 164 feet (thanks Jim)

   A top loaded T was build with DX Wire, vertical space of 26,50m @8m over ground and
   with only 1 radial of 37m long (thanks Jim ON5UM/OP5T)

    A special thanks goes to Center Court for letting me span the wire antenna's over their  premises

 Antenna switch    Acom 2000SW
 Microphone    Heil PR-781 + boom mount PL2T + shock mount SM-2
 Rigs    Yaesu FTDX-5000MP
 Switch controller    Acom 2000S


 Amplifier    Tono 2M-130G  150 Watts output
 Antenna's    2M + 70 cm
G.P. Comet on top of a 10 story apartment building @ 54 meters / 177 feet   
 Rig    Yaesu FT-8800 (VHF/UHF FM only)

6 meter

 Antenna's     6M
5 el Dxbeam DXM6-5 @ 45 meters / 150 feet
    G.P. Comet on top of a 10 story apartment building @ 54 meters / 177 feet
 Rig    Yaesu FTDX-5000MP


 Computers    Quad core I-7 16 Gb RAM 2 x SSD Samsung 850PRO 256 Gb + 2 x 1 Gb HDD
   Quad core I-5 4 Gb RAM 1 Gb HDD (Weather station) runs 24/7
 Contest program     N1MM N1MM+
 Interface     Microham Micro Keyer II
 Internet     Broadband via cable (Fibernet) Telenet
 Logging program     Eqf-software Win-EQF
 Printer     Samsung CLP-620ND
 Rotator     Heavy duty double worm (no commercial rotator) for HF beams
    Yaesu G2800DXC for 6m
 Rotator clamps    Full saddles model ON5OT Marc, manufactured by ON6IQ (thanks Clem)
 Weather station     Davis Vantage Pro 2 cabled

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