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Primary call ON4JZ
Other callsigns used OO4JZ - OQ4JZ - OR4JZ - OS4JZ - OT4JZ and OT5A (contest team Lier M/M) 

Ex callsigns ON1BZJ - ON4AJZ



My QSL cards throughout the years (from all my call signs)
(click on each picture to enlarge)

My 1st QSL card (1982 - 1987) as ON4AJZ (ex call)

QSL card (1987 - 1995) as ON4AJZ (moved QTH)

QSL card (1995 - 2001) as ON4AJZ (moved again)

QSL card (2001) as OQ4JZ

QSL card (2001 - 2003) as ON4JZ

QSL card (since 2003)

1st QSL card (2005) as OO4JZ

2nd QSL card (2005) as OO4JZ

1st QSL card as OP4K (since March 2006)

2nd QSL card as OP4K (since March 2006)

3rd QSL card as OP4K (since October 2009)

4th QSL card as OP4K (since March 2012)

5th QSL card as OP4K (since January 2021)



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