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Primary call ON4JZ
Other callsigns used OO4JZ - OQ4JZ - OR4JZ - OS4JZ - OT4JZ and OT5A (contest team Lier M/M) 

Ex callsigns ON1BZJ - ON4AJZ



I'm using antenna's

OB18-6 Installing Sep 01, 2007
Click on each picture to enlarge

The crane (a 70 ton) gets ready

View from the roof

The OB2-30 and vertical for 2m/70cm

Flying in the air

Slowly getting into its place

Arrived at the destination

And lift up of the OB18-6

The antenna swinging

Antenna ready to be fixed to the top tube

ON4AMI (OO7P), Pat waiving

ON6MR, Robert fixing the boom truss

ON6MR, Robert left and ON4AMI (OO7P), Pat right

Both antenna's aligned

ON6MR, Robert adding the torsion bar

And here is the final result

The 70 ton crane finished his job...well done


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